Institutional Archaeology / Arqueología Institucional

The briga, brea, bre, “castro” is institutionally conceived -and occurs the same way in all Celtic Europe, both in Hibernia, as in Britannia, as in Gallia, as in Gallaecia and Lusitania, etc.- as the domo, “house“, of a dominus “noble lord”.

The so-called Culture ‘Castreja, Castrexa, Castreña’, in Galicia, Portugal, and Spain, it is an aberration. It can not exist, no way and nowhere.

A Cultura Castreja ou Castrexa é inexistente e aberrante

Celtic Common Law in The Cradle of the Celts of Atlantic Europe. The “Terra de Trasancos” as a paradigm

Download here:

Click to access catedra2104.pdf


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