Named Kaltia or Galtia [/Gal(i)tia], in Bronze Age, Galiza, Galice, is, in PCP, “The Cradle of the Celts of Atlantic Europe”. The ‘Pena Molexa’ is a big stone disk, oriented to the rise of the super full moon in the Metonic year.


Many legends of the folklore of *AMoura [The inhabitant of the Other World Under the Sea”], are focused -this is a very unusual fact-, on this megalith. Connections between folklore and the astronomic function on this megalith enable us to understand the birth and development of both Celtic and Indo-European Religions.

This video book displays, layer by layer, the genesis of each one of the legends recorded in this megalith.

Using the powerful analysis tool provided by Institutional Archaeology, a new branch of Archaeology, we can look into the very particular and personal universe created in the Neolithic period regarding the Celtic concept of Sovereignty.

I recommend – to read the video book comfortably – that you watch this video on a laptop or smart tv

We unveil the imaginary architecture that links up the Sovereign with the Blessed Mother, the Mother Goddess.

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